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2012-06-23 Ankur Multicultural Show

Artists and performers from six performing arts' groups were invited in Ankur multicultural show on June 23, 2012.  Begining from 7:00 pm, they will contribute a three hour dazzling multicultural show at Saint-Jean Theatre Hall located on 8406 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury (91 Street) [Google map]

  • Taal..the Beats

The dance is choreographed by Ms. Rashmi Sinha . "Taal ..the beats" was formed in 2010 by working mothers and has performed several dances in Edmotnon and Calgary. This dance is a fast beat semiclassical and folk style bollywood dance from the movie "Devdas" wher dancers are expressing thier love with joy. The dance is choreographed by Ms. Rashmi sinha and  is performed by Ms. Rashmi Sinha, Rakhi Bhargav, Anu Sharma, Hanha Kroll and Shaurya Kumar.

  • Gateway Fiddlers and Festival City Fiddlers

Gateway Fiddlers and Festival City Fiddlers are comprised of 20 to 25 talented student fiddlers, aged 9-17, from Edmonton and area. Gateway Fiddlers also has a few adult/parent students. Students practise 2 to 4 times per month in South-Central Edmonton commuting from as far away as Devon and Sturgeon County.

Gateway Fiddlers (intermediate level) and Festival City Fiddlers (advanced level) evolved from the "New Edmonton Fiddle Group", which started in the Fall of 2001. The two student fiddle groups are sponsored by the Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers Association and perform a variety of fiddle styles including Canadian and American, Celtic, Ukrainian, and a surprising variety of other styles. The instructors have prepared 2 music books and 3 Cds for each group. We use music from these and other sources. Check the two groups out on Youtube and at www.edmontonfiddlers.com

Performance venues since 2001 include the Winspear Centre for the Performing Arts for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra's school program and for the Global Country Annual Concert, the Edmonton Zoo's "Spring Fling", “fiddling in” the arrival of Santa Claus at Bonniedoon Mall, the Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddle Association Annual Fiddle Competition, the Stanley Milner Library Theatre for the Ankur Multicultural Association, the Edmonton Jubilee Theatre, numerous fund raisers, senior centres, busking, a tour to Jasper in 2007 and performances in the fall of 2010 in Whitecourt and Edson, and April 2011 in Westlock.

There are two musical directors (Rod Olstad and Bonnie Gregory) accompanied by Rob Taylor on guitar.  If you're interested in joining Gateway or Festival City Fiddlers, please call Rod Olstad, 780-988-3802 and/or see www.edmontonfiddlers.com for registration information. 

  • Njiibwa Dance Ensemble

Several years ago, a few members of the Ugandan Cultural Association of Alberta decided that the best way to maintain and celebrate culture was through Art. This led to the birth of what today is called Njiibwa Dance Ensemble. Today, the group consisting of 10 members performs a wide variety of dances from several tribes in Uganda and showcases the unique cultures of these different tribes. Besides Dancing, Njiibwa celebrates culture with story telling, poetry, cooking, fashion shows among others. The group performs at a number of functions including weddings, fundraisings, cultural exhibitions, conferences and many more.

In Uganda, Dance is an interpretation of life. The dancers usually dance to express emotions such as happiness that could come about as a result of a good harvest, good rain and a birth of a child or sorrow for example celebration of a deceased.

Njiibwa dancers will be performing a variety of dances from different tribes in Uganda and will be explaining in details about each dance before it is performed.

Music Director Nelson Kibanda

  • Edmonton Samulnori ( Korean Group)

Samulnori (samul means four objects) is a Korean percussion quartet comprised of buk (barrel drum), janggu (hourglass-shaped drum), jing (gong) and kkwaenggwari (small gong).  Its rhythmic patterns are derived from pungmulgut or nongak ('farm music') which are performed outdoors with acrobatic and dance movements.  Samulnori was created by extracting dynamical and elaborated rhythmic patterns from pungmulgut for indoor performance in 1078.  The principle of samulnori is the alternation of tension and relaxation.  While improvising rhythms based on several rhythmic patterns, the performers seek to achieve a perfect intergartion of the four percussion instruments


Top performers from Russia, playing together for 15 years. All have been professionally educated in music, and their skill allows them to play the most challenging compositions. Their repertoire includes classic and popular music, jazz, etc. The leader of the band, Michael Zisin, is a virtuoso saxophone player.

  • A Hawaiian Holiday – Polynesian Dance and Drumming Group.

Aloha! Iaorana! Kia Ora! Talofa!
A Hawaiian Holiday Polynesian Dance and Drumming Group is based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We will share the spirit of aloha through our hula dance, and give you a glimpse into the rich culture of Polynesia with our exhilarating Tahitian drumming and Maori dances. [link]

  • Bailamos con Esperanza

Bailamos con Esperanza was created by Luz Jones in 2004 in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Her passion of her heritage was passed down to her daughter, Megon Jones. The group is known for their young, energetic dances which can be seen and felt today.
They have performed at such places as: The Peruvian Independence Festival, Heritage Days, and Summer Latin Fest. [link]

  • México Lindo

Saturday, June 23, 2012
7:00pm to 10:30pm
Saint-Jean Theatre Hall located on 8406 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury (91 Street)
Ticket Price: 
Adult $12.00, Child (< 13 years) $6.00
Ticket Contact: 

Mrinal..................(780) 691-8050
Kanak................. (780) 686-9018
Sandra ............... (780) 906-6884
Samar................. (780) 463-5927

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