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2012-11-24 Ankur Multicultural Show

Artists and performers from six performing arts' groups were invited in Ankur multicultural show on November 24, 2012.  Begining from 7:00 pm, they will contribute a three hour da

zzling multicultural show at Taylor University, Stencel Hall, 11525 - 23 Avenue, Edmonton, T6J 4T3  [Google map]

Saturday, November 24, 2012
7:00pm to 10:30pm
Taylor University, Stencel Hall, 11525 - 23 Avenue, Edmonton, T6J 4T3
Ticket Price: 
Adult $12.00, Child (< 13 years) $6.00
Ticket Contact: 

Mrinal..................(780) 691-8050
Kanak................. (780) 686-9018
Sandra ............... (780) 906-6884
Samar................. (780) 463-5927

Ankur 2012-11-24 Poster
Event Poster: 

Performer Groups

  • Naren Ganesan - Bharathanatyam (Indian Classical Dance)
    Naren Ganesan - Bharathanatyam (Indian Classical Dance)

    by Naren - A Bharathanatyam presentation depicting the grandeur of Indian Celebrations and valour of the six faced son of Lord Shiva (the dancing god). (Duration:10min) - Solo Dance recital

  • Victor Jara Chilean Folk Dancers link
    Victor Jara Chilean Folk Dancers
  • Karilagan Dance Group link
    Karilagan Dance Group
    "Karilagan" is a Filipino word which means "Splendor and Beauty". Karilagan Dance Group is composed of Filipino-Canadians who aim to promote and live the Filipino culture and heritage, provide information and facts about the organization and the Philippines; to teach the Filipino-Canadian and non- Filipino-Canadian youth the Filipino dances, songs and culture, so that they may be knowledgeable, and for the Filipino-Canadian youth to be proud of their ancestry. They give and arrange musical and dramatic entertainment while providing recreation for the members and to promote and afford opportunity for friendly and social activities. The Karilagan Dance Society facilitates travel of the members to different parts of Canada and out of the country whenever the group is requested to perform dances and songs. The organization also recognizes the outstanding achievements of Filipino - Canadians through different ways, such as a dedicated performance and the annual Hiyas (GEM) Awards
  • Gurman Heera Dance Academy
    Gurman Heera Dance Academy

    Gurman Dance Academy was formed and registered in the province of Alberta in 2007 by Gurmandeep Heera,  with a goal to keep kids in touch with their culture and punjabi roots. the academy is self owned by Gurmandeep Heera with the help of his older sister Manoranjan Heera. The team Virse De Waris from Edmonton also runs under the academy which is also registered. Since 2007 the team has become a family and consists of 6 boys and 6 girls.

    Gurman Dance Academy will present a traditional folk dance of Punjab region in India.

  • Anguraha (INDIAN) Ensemble
    Anguraha (INDIAN) Ensemble


    by Anugrahaa - kaladiscope of expressions (Genre: Indian Film music Hindi/Tamil/Telugu) (Duration: 20 min) - Music Ensemble


  • Luba-Ukranian Singers
    Luba-Ukranian Singers

    Luba Bilash - a 5th generation Ukrainian Canadian singer/songwriter, has performed throughout Canada, the USA and Europe. Her repertoire includes Ukrainian children's songs, traditional folk ballads, and contemporary pop tunes. In addition to solo albums she has performed with Edmonton's professional choir Pro Coro Canada.

    Luba's honours include awards for her unique style at the Chervona Ruta Festival (1989) and the distinguished Velyka Berehynya Award at the prestigious <Oberih> festival in 1991. She is well known to many ethnic communities for her contributions to their celebrations and special events.

Event Sponsors

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Edmonton, Alberta T6T 0R1

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Turkish and Middle East Art displays during the event

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