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2016-11-19 Ankur Multicultural Show

Artists and performers from four performing arts' groups were invited in Ankur multicultural show on June 27, 2015.  Begining from 7:00 pm, they will contribute a three hour dazzling multicultural show at Royal Alberta Museum12845 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 0M6 [map]

Saturday, November 19, 2016
7:00pm to 10:00pm
Royal Alberta Museum, 12845 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 0M6
Ticket Price: 
Adult:$10.00, Child (< 13 yr): $5.00, Kid (< 5 yr): free
Ticket Contact: 

Damon .................... (587)-357-2138
Indranil .................... (780) 707-3796
Savita Patel ................ (780) 440-3207
Rupsa ....................... (587)-340-9734
Vladimir .................... (780)-455-5017
Reckie ...................... (780)-807-2998

2016.11.19 Show

Performer Groups

  • Guofeng Arts Ensemble link

    Established in 2004 as a non-profit Chinese Culture Educational Association whose mission is to promote Chinese culture like dance, music, drama, musical instrument, opera, film. Drs. Mianmian Xie and Weiping Zhang are the directors of Guofeng Arts Ensemble. Dr. Xie, as the artistic director of “Guofeng Arts Ensemble” has been pioneer in promoting Chinese folk dances that use ribbons, fans and a variety of props with live musical instruments like Guzheng, Erhu and other traditional Chinese instruments. The dancers perform in different styles like Han, Mongolian, Xinjiang, classical, and modern style. Tonight’s dances include classical group Chinese dance (new moon), modern Chinese dance (Qing Hua Ci), classical solo dance (picking flowers), Guzheng (fighting typhoon), Mongolian solo dance (My homeland), Xinjiang style group dance (good girls). The group has been invited to perform in several cities of the Western Canada.

  • Idreamz Dance Production Company

    IDREAMZ DANCE PRODUCTION was started by Rupsa Mukherjee and Anshuman Pandey, Bollywood's renowned TV actors and models who have worked with top actors, actresses for over 10 years. They now call Edmonton their home and are here to spread their love, talent and experience of Bollywood dance with Albertans. IDREAMZ organizes different kinds of entertainment shows, especially Bollywood based shows which includes dancing, singing, fashion shows etc. It also runs a dance and yoga institute named Swasthayam (meaning Good Health).

    In tonight’s event, IDREAMZ will present a variety of vibrant, colorful Bollywood items based on Bollywood’s musical hit Hindi films. The filmi music and dances in Bollywood films are a synthesis of formal and folk Indian traditional music and dances in fusion with Middle Eastern techniques. The dances have evolved as a unique and energetic style. Since they are group dances they are often used as joyful exercise music. The first performance is a very graceful and beautiful song “Tu Hai” song from the 2016 movie Mohenjodaro. The second item is a Bollywood Fashion show with local Edmonton models. The third performance is a Bollywood medley with popular songs from recent movies. The fourth performance is the hit song Pinga from the 2016 movie Bajirao Mastani. The fifth performance is a Bollywood medley of three songs: High Heel (2016 movie: Ki & Ka), Ram Leela, and Chhamak Challo (2011 movie: Ra one). The sixth item is the popular song “chham chham” from the 2016 movie Baaghi. The seventh and last performance is the Bollywood Fashion Show-Part II.

  • Sangea: African Performing Arts Group link

    Sangea is a common name given to a girl in Liberia which means “female leader”. Founded in 2012, Sangea performs West African traditional music and dances that date back hundreds of years. This group has members from both Latin and African community. Like the Latin culture, the African culture has rhythm in every movement. The rhythms and dances are played to celebrate full moon, weddings, circumcision and initiation into adult hood. Sangea is the award winner of “Fil Fraser Award 2015” for outstanding performance, winner of the “Afro Canadian Heroes, Artist of the year 2014”. The objective of 10 members group is to share and preserve the African culture through music and arts.

  • Matreshka Russian Dance

    Started in 2007, Edmonton based Matreshka Dance Tropue specializes in traditional Russian folk dances and songs with modern twists, as well as one dance set to a song called Opera No. 2 originally performed by Russian pop star Vitas but sung today by choreographer Damon Pitcher. Also there is exciting solo guest choreographed by Isolina Belova entitled “Young Man’s Dance”. Originally started as a group of just ballet dancers, throughout the years the dynamic of the group has changed and grown in numbers and have performed across multiple venues for many events. Multiculturalism is an important concept for the “Matreshka Dancers” and that is reflected by many different cultural backgrounds of the dancers that make up the group, although all of them have a tie to the Russian culture in some form.

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