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2018-03-11 Ankur Multicultural Show

Celebration of Spring Multicultural Show

Sunday, March 11, 2018
6:00 PM
Campus Saint-Jean, 8406 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 4G9
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Adult $10.00, Child (< 12 years) $5.00
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Damon Pitcher         ..................   (587) 357-2138
Savita Patel             ..................    (780) 440-3207
Vladimir Khelbnikov ...............       (780) 455-5017
Prakash Mullick       .................     (780) 438-6046

2018.03.11 Show
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Performer Groups

Canadian Folk Group

It is a group of music enthusiasts who try to make connection with life through music. They celebrate life with music where different forms of music are the medium of exploring life in terms of meditation, in searching soul, or to reason why we are here. As the great Persian mystic Sufi poet Jalaluddin Rumi said, "We are as the flute, and the music in us is from Thee; we are as the mountain and the echo in us is from Thee."

In one of their songs, they showed the influence of Scottish music on Rabindranath Tagore who was an integral part of Indian art and Bengali literature and music. In another song they showed how Bob Dylan’s music inspired a Bengali song to show protest against war through music. In the second part of the same composition they sang a song of a poet, philosopher and composer of deep rooted folk of Bengal Fakir Lalon Shah. Another of their performances was with the famous music maestro Debojoyti Mishra where they had performed with him on his own composition. They recently did a playback for him in a movie called Hason Raja.

For Ankur's Celebration of Spring Multicultural Show, the performance will include seeing the life of people and culture through folklore of the world. This folklore will be explored by South Asian music and a strong connection between eastern and western music through its folk root. The presentation will consist of songs, instruments, dance and some poems. The connection between Indian classical music and folk music will be displayed in their presentation.

Mazurka Gypsy Trio

Tatiana Warszynski has been a violinist with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra since 1984. She has participated in many International Summer Master Classes in Poland. Tatiana has been an ardent supporter of Canadian composers, whose works she has commissioned, premiered and performed over the years. She participated in Edmonton and Saskatchewan New Music Festivals as well as performed in chamber music and solo recital appearances in Edmonton and around Canada. From 2007 to 2009 Tatiana served as a concertmaster of the Edmonton Chamber Players, an orchestra that predominantly performed contemporary Canadian music. Tatiana is a founding member of the Mazurka Music and Art – an organization dedicated to promotion and production of classical music and visual art projects. In December 2012, Tatiana and her son Mikolaj Warszynski performed together as soloists with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra at the Winspear Centre. The 2016-2017 concert season included “Polonia Choir and Friends” classical concert, The Wirth Institute Christmas Concerts, and the “Lisztomania” fundraising concert. Presently Tatiana is serving as Vice President on the Board of the Polish Culture Society of Edmonton.

Alicja Warszynski has been playing violin since the age of four. She started her musical education at the Institute of Suzuki Talent Education. She is a first violinist with the Edmonton Senior Youth Orchestra. She has enrolled in a number of music competitions over the years and has received many awards. She has also performed in solo and chamber music recitals. She has also been a guest violinist at the Muttart Conservatory Concert Series.

Maximilian Mauricio-Cardilli is a Montréal born bass player. He holds a bachelor's degree in performance from McGill University. In March 2016, he became the Assistant-Principal Double Bass for L'Orchestre Symphonique de Drummondville, under Maestro Julien Proulx. In 2017 he had the opportunity to serve as an apprentice at the National Arts Centre Orchestra. Maximilian had also performed with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra during 2016-2017. Being the youngest individual of the ensemble, Max joined the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra as an official member after an audition in July 2017. He has performed with members of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, and chamber music engagements with some of Canada's finest young artists.

Fiji Melody Band

It is a 10-member musical band from the Fijian Islands. Founded in 1995, they have performed at cultural events for over 20 years. They do shows for different communities every year. They also perform in live stage shows, birthday parties, and weddings. Their instrumentation is as follows: Sanjay Despandee, lead guitar; Gaurav, keyboard; Nadeem, octopad; Harish Prasad, bongo and drums; Cecil, tabla and dholak; Saman, bass guitar; Tom and Vinod, side effects; sound, Ravi; lights, Robert.

Pride Bhangra Academy

Varinder Lally started Bhangra at the age of 14 and has participated in several cultural programs. In 2004, he joined D.A.V. College and won multiple youth festivals. In 2007, he went to England, started a Bhangra group, and performed at various cultural programs there for two years. In 2009, he became the captain of D.A.V. College Bhangra Team and had three more victories in youth festivals. Varinder has also participated a few times in National Youth Festivals, and was the winner once in an inter-varsity competition.

In 2009, he opened a Bhangra Academy in Punjab. From 2009 to 2013 he worked in Punjabi movies, live TV shows and music videos. In 2012, he became the Bhangra coach at A.P.J. College. In 2013, he participated in Dubai Dance Festival. He has received the ‘Best Dancer’ and ‘Best Choreographer’ award many times. In 2014, he came to Canada and joined Headway School as a Bhangra coach. In 2016, he opened Pride Bhangra Academy in Edmonton and has given many live performances in cultural programs.



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