DIY home redecoration is surely an exciting adventure and is widely preferred by budget-conscious moms like me. The whole tile is made of the same material. FloorPolishingSG. Sep 25, 2019. Homogeneous tiles, also commonly known as ‘Full Body Porcelain Tiles’, are a type of porcelain tile that is unglazed. Interior Ideas by Property. This process makes homogeneous/porcelain tiles denser, harder, less porous and therefore less prone to moisture and stain absorption. temperature screener. The actual price of tiles varies depending on the size, pattern, brand and country of origin. Homogeneous Tiles Ideas. They effortlessly blend with the feel and aesthetics you want to attain in a room or landscape. MARBLE. In that aspect, they take the exact properties of ceramic and porcelain tiles, except that these uniform-bodied tiles are more durable and impermeable. While marble, granite and natural stones need to be regularly polished and sealed, homogeneous tiles need only to be washed or wiped off of moisture, dirt or stain. temp screening. Newsletter sign up. Tough material. Having its sides and back the same colour as its surface does not necessarily mean the tile is homogeneous. There are several types of tiles that you can choose from, such as homogeneous porcelain tiles, glazed porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. Ready to spruce up your premises? Vintage Style . Protected with polyurethane pur el. But what exactly are homogeneous tiles? Modern Style. Looking for homogeneous tiles supplier in Singapore? These products definitely exceed wood and regular ceramics in durability. They have a consistent composition of materials throughout the entire body off the tile. The actual definition of a homogeneous tile has been the biggest misconception in Singapore. They are also popular as floor and wall surface cover for most interior living spaces, condominiums and HDB flats in Singapore. There are two main tile categories: Porcelain and Ceramic. Mon to fri. 9 00am to 6 30pm lunch hour. S$0.70. Some tiles also exist on four surfaces- smooth matte, polished, structured rough, and ribbed. We’ll help you find the best homogeneous tiles supplier and also do the installation for you at a reasonable price. Minimalist Style. Contact Sin Lek today and we’ll assist you with your enquiries. Buy Homogeneous Tiles in Singapore. At 0.3%, the homogeneous tiles’ absorption rate is much lower than that of porcelain tiles which is 0.5% and that of regular ceramic tiles which can be up to 25%. This is because of the presence of grout that are tiny crevices. We invite you to view the collection of homogeneous tiles we offer in our showroom. Homogeneous tiles are among the most popular flooring materials in most residential and commercial buildings across Singapore today. Blog all about Marble and Homogeneous Tiles Floor Polishing and Marble Gum Grouting Services in Singapore. The showroom is on the second level and it is definitely one that is the most tastefully designed. Having its sides and back the same colour as its surface does not necessarily mean the tile is homogeneous. [CDATA[ What is Homogeneous Tiles? Speak to our team of experts today. For homeowners who wish to ease their day-to-day cleaning load, homogeneous tiles are the absolute option to go for. Please feel free to ring us at +65 6543 3818 or click here to leave us a message. In the last 10 years, it had built up a wide source of contacts and partners. As most homogeneous tiles are laid with cement grouting and were not levelled upon laying, you might feel the unevenness while walking on it. jurong west. View detail. For those who may have a problem in installing homogeneous tiles, the best alternative is to simply call a tile installation expert. Most polishing works will be able to complete within 1 day. This would mean porcelain tiles are much more durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Homogeneous tiles are actually type of porcelain tile, but they are of the full-body variety. Most renovation quotations or packages will also state homogeneous tiles for flooring. Homogenous tiles incorporate self-cleaning and anti-bacterial technologies. You get to play around with different ideas and motifs to suit your taste or the current season. Sin Lek Building Materials Pte Ltd is a principal company. Homogeneous Tiles. Studio HDB Design Ideas. //