We are planning a march on September 26 of this year in support of refurbishing and extending the Pickering Power Plant license for another 30-40 years. … Successfully closing Pickering now or in the future isn’t just about ensuring the province has adequate replacement power, but transitioning the approximately 3,000 workers in Durham Region whose jobs are tied to the plant to a post-nuclear reality. Two major nuclear generating stations, Darlington and Pickering, need refurbishments after decades of service. By Chris Jones/The Oshawa Express Ontario Power Generation (OPG) appears to be extending the operating life of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station beyond its intended expiration date once again. ... no plan has been developed to replace … Pickering’s closure has been decided, but no plan has been developed to replace it with non-emitting electricity sources. Photo courtesy of Ontario Power Generation. OPG is proposing to have four of the plant’s six functioning reactors operate for one extra year through the end of 2025. The timetable for decommissioning the half-century old Pickering nuclear generating station stands to shift if a new plan from Ontario Power Generation gets approved by Canada's nuclear regulator. On January 27, 2020, Pickering city councilors voted unanimously in favor of a motion to shut down and dismantle the Pickering Nuclear Station by 2024. The Pickering Nuclear Station is the 4th oldest nuclear station in North America — and the seventh oldest in the world — and is located closer to a major urban centre than any other nuclear generating station in North America; Retiring the high-cost Pickering Nuclear Station will reduce Ontario’s electricity costs by $1 billion per year.. Darlington requires refurbishment to all four of its reactors. The Ontario government admitted to erroneously sending out a mass alert telling of an “incident” at Pickering Nuclear Generating Station on … Ontario is justifiably proud of its low-emission power, with around 95% coming from clean sources, a fact celebrated in the government’s environment plan. In the flurry of debate around the Pickering nuclear plant, the one thing that almost no one has talked about is what to do when it finally closes. The march will be organized in accordance with safety … Great River Energy now has agreements with five wind farms to provide power to help compensate for the planned closure of its massive coal plant in North Dakota by 2023. The Pickering Nuclear Station is no longer … Surge in iodide pill orders after false alarm at Pickering nuclear power plant. It costs billions of dollars to replace the tubing, which is what is being done at the refurbishments at the two other nuclear plants in Ontario, in Darlington and on the Bruce Peninsula. Trouble from Pickering’s earliest days. This isn’t the first time the plant was given a shutdown … An undated aerial view of the Pickering nuclear power plant, on the shores of Lake Ontario. By Allison Jones The Canadian Press Posted January 14, 2020 10:14 am . OPG is undertaking a $12.8-billion program that will refurbish the four units by 2026. Together, the coal plants slated for closure account for 6.8 gigawatts of generation capacity — equal to around 15% of Illinois' total power generation capacity.