Sign up for our In our previous buttons tutorial we have explained how to create buttons with checkbox and radio buttons using button group concept. For button groups, this would be role="group", while toolbars should have a role="toolbar".. It manages the selected or unselected state for a set of buttons. options). We use the sibling selector (~) for all our All you need to do is to write some jQuery to toggle the glyphs. The best free radio snippets available. Find the Bootstrap radio that best fits your project. Creating Button Groups with Bootstrap. Policy, Sign up for our Recent Questions Q: There's no explanation of what to do after creating a dhtml menu example or where to paste the code, which files to upload.. A: 1. Button group as the name indicates is simply a group of buttons aligned together to showcase them as a single element. Each button represents a single option, and only one can be active at a time: Example Copy Log in to your account or Add data-toggle=" buttons" to .btn-group including those reworked buttons to set up toggling in their respective styles. To do this, add either of the.btn-group-lg,.btn-group-lg, or.btn-group-lg classes to the.button-group class make all buttons within the group large, small, or extra small respectively. I needed a large radio button group that was vertical and more importantly separated for a project I was working on. Here is a JS Bin example :),output. Bootstrap's .button styles can possibly be applied to other types of elements, like