This will do the job globally in your app. The color of top status bar. Import material.dart and services.dart package in your main.dart file. Brightness.light make the icon color lighter. ... Also, we can change the status bar icon color. setSystemUIOverlayStyle allows one to change System overlay styles if any. SystemChrome.setSystemUIOverlayStyle( SystemUiOverlayStyle( statusBarColor: Colors.transparent, //color set to transperent or set your own color statusBarIconBrightness: Brightness.dark, //set brightness for icons, like dark background light icons ) ); Navigation Bar. appBar: AppBar( backgroundColor:, // status bar color brightness: Brightness.light, // status bar brightness ) For those who use the AppBar Widget. We would use the color property to change the app bar icon color. Contents in this project Set Status Bar Background Color When App Bar is Not Present in Flutter Android iOS App: 1. If you use AppBar then updating the status bar color is as simple as this. Note: iOS devices dose not support changing Status bar background color. And for BScreen a red status bar with the icons in white. This is not ideal of course. ... status bar color, status bar brightness, status bar icon brightness any many more customization option. So in this tutorial we would Flutter Change App Bar Back Button Color in Android iOS Example. When I open my flutter app, the phone's battery icon and network icon disappeared. How to change the color of the status bar and navigation bar in a flutter. For AScreen I would like a white color status bar with black icons. Brightness.dark makes the icon color darker. Only honored in Android version M and greater. In our previous tutorial we have learn about replacing app bar icon you can read it here and this tutorial is the advance part of app bar icon tutorial. Here, you can give any color which will display on the screen. E.g if you use dark background it makes the text and icons white etc. How to change the status bar text color on Ios (6 answers) Closed 6 mins ago . How to achieve this ?? – … To make Status Bar color transparent Insert it into widget builder. CupertinoNavigationBar overrides the status bar style based on the color you set. Assuming that you are in Home screen or Main screen,lets import flutter services package. Answer: Icon's color in status bar (Flutter) Johngorithm Apr 15, 2020 ・1 min read. Here I have two AScreen and BScreen screens. But we can change their Icons color to light and dark only. answer re: Icon's color in status bar (Flutter) Apr 15 '20. 5 - statusBarBrightness This parameter only affects the ios UI. 0 Add the Snippet below to your main.dart. 4- statusBarColor This SystemUiOverlayStyle property is useful to change the color of the status bar. Implementation final Color?